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Go Horseback Riding in La Marquesa

This is the best place in the area for trying some delicious trout and for feeling the freshness of the coniferous forest.

This coniferous forest is one of Mexico City residents’ favorite places to go, whether to enjoy the surroundings, eat some trout, or go bike or horseback riding.

Its official name is Parque Nacional Insurgente Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, but it is better known as “La Marquesa” due to the Hacienda belonging to Juana de Zúñiga, the wife of Hernán Cortés, Marquise of the Valle de Oaxaca.

Within its more than 4,200 acres, you will find natural viewpoints, streams and valleys that are perfect for enjoying on long walks or bike rides.

Whoever walks along these trails will almost certainly come across animal life: foxes, squirrels, rabbits and many kinds of birds.

You can rent a horse here to explore the park; or hop onto a quadbike and travel around the controlled and safe circuits, you can have a picnic or a barbecue; and whoever would like to spend more than a day here can camp.

One part of what was once the Hacienda of La Marquesa, has for many years been taken up by the Estación Piscícola El Zarco; this was the first of its kind in Mexico. This is the place where the rearing of trout and the production of trout roe takes place. This is also a kind of school that teaches everything related to the rearing of this species. Many different places to eat can be spotted in this area; trout prepared in all kinds of different ways, tlacoyos, quesadillas, gorditas and other typical dishes are all on the menu.


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La Marquesa, Parque La Marqueza, Parques Nacionales, Toluca, State of Mexico, Mexico

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