Santa Fe

Luxury residential complexes and hectic business lifestyles in the Santa Fe financial district contrast with the rural environment of Cuajimalpa, the adjacent area surrounded by forests where fresh air abounds.

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Santa Fe, the city’s financial district, is part of Cuajimalpa, one of the 16 municipalities that make up Mexico City. It is home to a wide range of commercial and real estate activity, with offices, shopping centers, luxury boutiques and cinemas. In contrast, Cuajimalpa is also home to large forests that border the Estado de México, that are much loved by inhabitants who enjoy spending their weekends surrounded by nature. 

Cuajimalpa is found on the Sierra de las Cruces, close to where this mountain range joins the Sierra Ajusco Chichinautzin, to the southeast of Mexico City. Its altitude causes a cold climate on both mountain ranges. The mountains also function as a kind of wall that prevents the escape of humidity brought over by the winds of the valley. These characteristics favour the condensation of water and cloud formation. Therefore, on these mountains, and especially at the point where these two mountain ranges meet, almost double the rate of rainfall is measured here in comparison to the Valle de México.  

A third characteristic of these mountain ranges is the fertile soil, of volcanic origin, which has encouraged the formation of these forests since time immemorial. The ground below these forests usually looks like a soft carpet of leaves and organic material, which allows the mountains to function like a huge sponge, absorbing all the rainfall.