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Check Out Cave Paintings

Tonatico’s biodiversity is protected at Parque Niltze Bioaventuras. In its expanse of 17 acres, it offers interpretive trails, horseback and bicycle rides, campgrounds, an events garden, and swimming pools. If you enter this landscape of green, you’ll be able to see the Cueva de las Manitas. Ancient cave paintings from long ago have been found inside this cave. Just request a tour that follows the flow of Los Limones Creek on a two-and-a-half-hour adventure to see these remnants. Nature has delights in store at every turn along the way.

That’s not the only trail worth checking out. There’s also Cruces y Soles, which leads to a natural lookout where you can see drawings from the pre-Hispanic and colonial eras on the walls of the ravines. Taking in the exotic vegetation and the impressive San Miguel Canyon is part of the charm. Those traveling with kids won’t want to miss the…

Santuario de los Bichos

At the bug sanctuary, a magnifying glass is your best friend. It will help you see the tiny creatures that live in the deciduous forest.

You can stay the night in the park, just take a tent. The campgrounds are equipped with rustic tables, grills, ecological bathrooms, rustic swings, trampolines, hammocks, and a swimming pool. There’s parking, hot showers, firewood, and night staff.




Campamento y Parque Niltze Bioaventuras, Tonatico, San Miguel, Tonatico, Méx., México

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