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Sail Along the Río Palizada all the Way to Ciudad del Carmen

This river is around 75 miles long, from the point at which it branches off from the Río Usumacinta to where it ends up in the vast Laguna de Términos. A journey along this branch gives you the opportunity to see its natural wealth; its waters sustain many species of amphibians, fish and reptiles, as well as birds such as the tiger heron and jabiru stork. However, its most famous resident is perhaps the manatee, the pacific water mammal that likes to feed in the marshes and mangroves. 

You can travel the length of the Río Palizada towards Ciudad del Carmen just like the pirates used to do. Every day at six in the morning a boat departs for the island (the journey is two hours long). But there are also two other boats that travel the same route, El Paliceño and Pueblo Mágico. These trips are much longer and do not depart daily.

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Rio Palizada, Campeche, México

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