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Explore the Natural Pools by Bike 

Organize your visit to Cuatro Ciénegas and explore all the main natural attractions this Magical Town has to offer, which you can do on foot, on mountain bike, or even underwater, if you choose to go snorkeling. Start pedaling through the desert, following the trails between the cactus plants; when you reach Río Mezquites, you can refresh yourself and go snorkeling. 

Ride to Poza Azul, the most beautiful of them all. You cannot swim in it however, this is only possible in Churince, La Ilusión or El Anteojo water parks. La Poza Azul is home to endemic species of flora and fauna, among which nine species of fish and three species of turtle stand out, such as the red-eared slider, the spiny softshell turtle, and the Coahuilan box turtle. 

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Cuatro Ciénegas, Coah., México

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