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Get Lost in a Stone Maze

One of Mineral del Chico’s best kept secrets is Contadero, a space with an incredible stone maze. Years ago, this naturally-occurring formation was a hideout for bandits, who took refuge here to escape from their pursuers. The name, meaning a place to count, came about because robbers would count their booty here.

The route is made up of two and a half miles of climbs and crests. When you get to Valle de las Ranas, you can take a break to take in the spectacular view of the valley edged by craggy bluffs. Then you’ll climb over rocks, before finally reaching Contadero. If you would rather not walk, get a good vehicle because it is dirt roads all the way. When you get there, the mind-blowing view of trees and streams make it well worth the effort.


8 miles from Mineral del Chico on the Pachuca-Estanzuela road

Useful Information

We recommend not going into the maze by yourself. Don’t count on using your cell phone because you probably won’t have reception or GPS.




el contadero, Hidalgo, México

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