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Mineral del Chico

Find serenity in this town nestled in wooded paradise, explore the insides of a mine, and dare to climb the Vía Ferrata, or iron pathway.

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What Makes It Magical

The natural beauty and mining history of this town come together, resulting in tours down mine shafts and trails that put you in touch with your senses. The freedom of the forests and the mountain in the national park create experiences in which adventure and adrenaline play a leading role. It all depends on your condition and the pace you prefer. No question about it, this Magical Town brings us into closer contact with ourselves and nature.

Why You Should Go

Parque Nacional El Chico

  • Its many springs form streams that are key to the area’s water balance.
  • In the ground you can see volcanic rock from the Tertiary period.
  • It is home to 38% of the state’s mammals
  • Mirador Peña del Cuervo lookout offers views of the town and mountains.
  • There are trails for mountain bike fans.
  • Safe campgrounds for spending time with family and friends.

At the Very Least

The Vía Ferrata, or iron pathway, which lets you climb 656 feet up rock faces.

Don’t Miss

  1. Enjoy the wooded landscape.
  2. Sport fish on the park’s lake.
  3. Climb its more than 300 rock formations.