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Santiago is shaped by long canyons covered in thick forests, stony bottoms, and water almost all year.

Santiago is characterized by long canyons cloaked in thick forests, rocky bottoms, and water most of the year. It has the perfect slope for canyoneering–it is challenging, but still within the realm of mere mortals. Fans of canyoneering come to try it out from all over the globe.

The canyons most visited by canyoneering buffs are the Cañones de San Cristóbal, del Chipitín, de Matacanes, and Hidrofobia. This activity makes Santiago one of the country’s best spots to enjoy adventure tourism. Its landscape is filled with subterranean rivers, caves, naturally-occurring water slides, pools, waterfalls, and zip lines. They are set inside Parque Nacional Cumbres de Monterrey, which covers a little more than 177,000 hectares–making it one of the nation’s largest nature reserves. The area provides around 70% of the water for the city of Monterrey.

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Cañón de Matacanes, Santiago, N.L., México

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