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Try the Tamales de Puñete and Other Regional Delicacies

Macadamia nuts abound in Huauchinango; have some every chance you get. Also keep an eye out for the molcajete-prepared chiltepín salsa, especially when it’s got ground peanut in the mix. Don’t miss out on the barbacoa, gorditas, and chile con huevo (eggs in green or morita chili sauce). You’ll find tostadas and enchiladas on the menu in the town’s eateries.

Since you’re already here, make your way over to the nearby community of Cuacuila for their delicious tamales. On the second Sunday of June, they hold the Feria del Tamal. It’s your chance to try tamales de puñete (filled with chicken, poblano chili, or soft beans) and tamales de papatla (you’ll find them made with green salsa or red mole and wrapped in the papatla leaf).





Huauchinango, Puebla, México

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