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Try Yolixpa and Mazatepec Coffee

You can’t go home before trying this Magical Town’s traditional dishes: tlayoyos (stuffed with lupin, avocado leaf, and manzano chili), totole or turkey mole, and chilpozontle­—a meat and vegetable dish. Head to Mercado Municipal, a market where you’ll find sweets including candied figs, jellies, meringues, cookies, and coconut candies. Try yolixpa, the traditional herbal liqueur of the Sierra Poblana.

Head to Café Colonial, where they serve up the traditional smoked meat of Mazatepec. There’s chicken, sausage, loin, and ribs. These dishes are served with peanut, green chili, or chile de árbol salsas. The restaurant also sells organic coffee produced in Mazatepec.




Tlatlauquitepec, Puebla, México

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