Ciclopista de Ixtapa
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Explore Ixtapas’s Bike Trail

Ciclopista de Ixtapa

This bike trail is ideal for runners, roller-skaters, bird watchers, and nature lovers. It is 5 miles long and begins in Marina Ixtapa. It is 10-foot-wide and there are signs indicating which section is for bikes, roller-skates or runners.

You can rent a bicycle for the route, which passes through a tropical forest. Here you can appreciate the majestic trees that are more than 115-foot-tall, watch birds including woodpeckers, calandra larks, parrots, parakeets, chachalacas and eagles, among others. You might also catch a glimpse of other species such as crocodiles, Hilaire’s toadhead turtles, armadillos, green iguanas, squirrels, ferrets, raccoons and more.


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Ciclopista Ixtapa, Paseo de las Garzas, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Gro., México

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