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Relax in a Beer Spa

The experience of submerging yourself deep in a bubbling beer barrel is one of the new activities on offer at the Hotel Boutique Casa Diamante. Here, the treatment consists, apart from a beer bath, in massage using bags of hot seeds, whose properties help relax muscles and ease pain. The best thing about this experience is choosing! You can select one of various kinds of beer, just like when you choose which one to drink. There are even treatments using pale, amber beers.


Juana Lucio 309, Barrio de la Vizcaína

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Whilst having your treatment done you can choose one of the premium artisanal Vopper beers, ideal for pleasing even the most demanding drinkers. We recommend the amber!



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Casa Diamante Hotel Boutique, Juana Lucio, Comunidad, Mineral de Pozos, Gto., México

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