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Mineral de Pozos

Walk through landscapes covered in mesquite trees, explore ruins that look like movie sets and relax in lavender fields.

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What Makes It Magical

Located in the middle of the semi-desert, you will fall for Pozos’ landscape, covered with mesquite trees. The charm of its mining past–first during the Viceroyalty and then during Porfirio Díaz’s rule–seduces all those who come to discover this Magical Town. Whether taking a bicycle ride through the ruins or just looking at them, their presence still astonishes whoever visits them. 

Why You Should Go

The Ruins of the Mines

  • Towards the end of the 19th century, there were more than 360 registered mining concessions.
  • The history of Pozos is linked to the richness of the ground beneath it, mined from the 16th century until the beginning of the 20th.
  • Here lie the remnants of Cinco Señores, one of the biggest mines in the whole area.
  • Thanks to the Santa Brígida mine, Pozos became one of the most important mining centers in the area.
  • During mining’s second peak, the stores were created: Fábricas de Francia, El Palacio de Cristal, Fábricas de París, El Vesubio and La Fama (this is still up and running, on one of Jardín Juárez’s corners).

At the Very Least

Admire the Santa Brígida mine’s three iconic smelting furnaces. See the mineshafts and wells in Cinco Señores. Walk through the San Rafael mine tunnels.

Don’t Miss

  1. Have a drink in the Cantina de Pozos, facing Jardín Juárez.
  2. Go in search of the Antigua Escuela Modelo, the school of art and trades that operated during Porfirio Díaz’s era.
  3. Buy handicrafts in the Hotel Casa Mexicana store.