Conservatorio de las Rosas
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Conservatorio de las Rosas

This space was very important in the history of Morelia. It was first a Dominican convent from 1594 to 1738, and then it became a girls’ school called Colegio de Niñas de Santa Rosa María from 1743 to 1870. Next, it was a hospice for men and women, later a military headquarters, and then Casa del Agrarista, an agrarian organization. It took on its current identity, Conservatorio de las Rosas, in 1950.

You can visit the conservatory to admire its architecture and tour its lovely garden. In addition, they offer courses, workshops, activities, and concerts.




Conservatorio de las Rosas, Calle de Santiago Tapia, Centro histórico de Morelia, Morelia, Mich., México

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