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Walk Through the Center and Discover Its Beauty

Another way of getting to know Tabasco’s capital is through its gastronomy: try the grilled pejelagarto (a fish native to Tabasco), chirmol (tomato, onion and bellpepper salsa), tamales de chiltepín (typical tamales from the region filled with red chiltepín chilies), coconut tortillas and banana bread.

Tabasco’s capital has many charms: cobbled streets, wonderful green areas, and interesting museums. Among the attractions in Villahermosa’s Zona Luz is the Plaza de Armas, right next to the banks of the Río Grijalva. This is where you will find the Iglesia de la Inmaculada Concepción (Church of the Immaculate Conception) with its gothic facade, la Casa de los Azulejos (the House of Tiles), which houses the city’s entire history, la Casa Carlos Pellicer Cámara, where the poet of the people of Tabasco was born and lived, and the Astronomical Observatory with its water rocket competitions.

The evenings in Tabasco’s capital are a delight, four days a week there are themed events in public spaces. For example, on Wednesdays you’ll find “romantic dancing” in the Plaza de los Tríos, and Saturdays are dedicated to mariachi music in Parque J. Claro García.





Villahermosa, Tab., México

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