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San José de Gracia

Visit the colossal Cristo Roto statue, face down your fears and walk across suspension bridges, and take a wine-tasting tour to get to know Aguascalientes’ wines.

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What Makes It Magical 

On the shores of Presa Plutarco Elías Calles, this small town comes together around its faith, as seen by its colossal Christ monument. One visit to the sanctuary is enough to understand its power. Chatting with the skipper on the boat ride to the monument or any one of the locals will pique your curiosity to learn more about the Cristo Roto that overlooks the town from an island in the reservoir. Its natural surroundings will entice you to explore Boca de Túnel and experience nature up close and personal. 

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Why You Should Go 

Ecotourism Activities 

  • Boca de Túnel is set in a semi desert canyon north of the town. It includes 13 hanging bridges, two 295- and 394- foot long zip lines, rappelling, hiking, and boat and horseback rides. 
  • This is the natural entrance to the forests of the Sierra Fría nature reserve, and it is a great place to mountain bike

At the Very Least 

Go through the almost mile-long tunnel in Boca de Túnel

Don’t Miss 

  1. Do the circuit of hanging bridges in Boca de Túnel
  1. Witness the devotion of the pilgrims visiting the Cristo Roto statue. 
  1. Spend the night in cabins overlooking the rugged canyon