Dzibanché Archeological Site

Explore the four architectural groups within this archeological site.


Dzibanché archeological site stands as one of the largest and most significant sites in the southern region of Quintana Roo. If you’re visiting the area, make sure to explore and marvel at the beauty of its structures while enjoying the comprehensive tour, which is the most expansive in the region.

Dzibanché Archeological Site and Its Four Architectural Groups

Situated amidst the low jungle of the northern Yucatán Peninsula and the lush tropical rainforest of Petén, this architectural complex spans 15 square miles. Notable among its constructions are the Templo de los Cormoranes (Temple of Cormorants), the Templo de los Cautivos (Temple of Captives), and the Templo de los Dinteles (Temple of Lintels). 

The site comprises four monumental architectural groups: Dzibanché or Main Group, Central Complex or Lamay Group, Tutil, and Kinichná. These groups served specific functions and were interconnected by sacbés, ancient Maya white roads.

Archeological Site Facts

  • The architectural style of Petén can be observed within the site.
  • There are hieroglyphic texts carved on the monuments, along with discoveries of sumptuous offerings within burial chambers, indicating Dzibanché’s involvement in the conquest of various peoples.
  • It was a densely populated center that combined cultivated areas, residences, spaces for worship, and governance.
  • Its strategic location endowed it with abundant environmental resources, ensuring access to various basic resources and raw materials.

Important Information

  • Entrance to the archeological site costs $75 MXN pesos.
  • Visiting hours are from Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The last access to the site is at 2:30 pm.
  • Restrooms are available.
  • Wearing comfortable shoes,  repellent, and sunscreen—preferably biodegradable—is recommended, along with taking plenty of water. Additionally, wear lightweight clothing and a cap or hat.
  • Located 50 miles northeast of Chetumal.

Archaeological Zone Dzibanché, Othón P. Blanco, Quintana Roo, México

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