Cultural expressions, history and nature come together beautifully in this city, which is not only a manageable size but also enjoys a cooling breeze from the bay.

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Chetumal, the Quintana Roo state capital, is situated amidst lush natural beauty, in southeastern Mexico. Its cultural and historic richness is reflected in the various monuments and museums along Boulevard Bahía, the longest avenue on the entire Yucatan Peninsula.

Come and step through the gateway to the Great Maya Coast into one of the calmest cities, where being close to nature is not hard at all. Whether you go on foot or pedal a bicycle, all along the coast you’ll come upon monuments like the Fuente de los Manatíes (Manatee Fountain), put up in 1996, when Chetumal was named a Manatee Sanctuary. You will also discover the Corredor Escultórico Chactemal (Chactemal Sculptural Corridor,) with over 20 sculptures by both Mexican and foreign artists that speak to the state’s natural beauty.

Chetumal, the entryway to the Great Maya Coast, has also been named the first Magical Barrio in Quintana Roo due to its iconic history, architecture, traditions and cuisine.

  • The Hondo River forms a natural border between Chetumal and Belize.
  • It has been the cradle of ethnic mixing ever since the union of Mayan Princess Zazil Ha and shipwrecked Spaniard Gonzalo Guerrero, who helped the Maya fight the colonizing armies.
  • Its array of jungle fauna and flora contrasts with the area’s historic monuments.

Here, you get natural and architectural beauty, historic treasures, satisfying flavors and cultural interest, all in a single destination.

What to Do in Chetumal

  • Visit its archeological sites
  • Take a boat ride on the Lagoon of Seven Colors
  • Try tikin xic fish (grilled fish in banana leaves) and marquesitas (a delicious dessert)
  • Visit its museums
  • Take the Chetubus and explore the city
  • Go boating at Calderitas
  • Enjoy its islands and cays
  • Check out the regional animals in Payo Obispo Zoo
  • Have your picture taken in front of the Fuente del Pescador (Fisherman’s Fountain), where “Mexico begins”
  • Walk the Nachi Cocom public dock, with its steles of Maya gods

The ruins of the ancient Mayan city of Kohunlich, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

The Renaissance: symbol of strength in Chetumal The monument was created as a tribute to the Chetumaleños, after the hurricane Janet.