Teposcolula Water Distribution System

El Alarcón and La Alcantarilla Water Tanks

During the colonial period, Teposcolula had a complex water distribution system, including a network of strategically located tanks to supply the population. The remains of the network are still visible in El Alarcón–it is a stone structure that has a collection and distribution system for used water, as well as nine springs whose water runs through stone canals to the tank. La Alcantarilla is another water tank from the same time period. It was at the end of a five mile-long aqueduct that started in Yucundaa.

These structures, together with Hospital de Indios de la Santa Veracruz, the Odriozola and Arvea houses and squares, Tandaa, the old corn cribs, the Dolores archway, and the Palacio Municipal (City Hall) earned this Magical Town the title Zona de Monumentos Históricos (Historic Monument Zone) in 1986.





El Alarcón y la Alcantarilla, Teposcolula, Oax., México

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