Milpa Alta Convent

Ex Convento de la Asunción de Nuestra Señora de Milpa Alta

This fort-like former convent is a holdover from the time the Franciscans came to evangelize the Chicomostoc area.

In the center of Milpa Alta, a large stone wall protects a 16th-century Franciscan building. The complex features a large churchyard and with a cross in front of an austere church ornamented with battlements.

Records from the era show that by 1698, the building had become an abbey complete with cells, gatehouse, and olive orchard. The compound then also spread over what is now the block holding Colegio de Bachilleres and Edificio Morelos, a school and offices. Its churchyard was so large that at one time it was used as a graveyard called San Damián.

The interior holds sacred art from the 18th century. Especially noteworthy are a large votive painting, depicting a shipwreck and Saint Joseph’s intercession in it, along with the bas-relief La Asunción y coronación de la virgen (The Assumption and Coronation of Our Lady).

During the Revolution, Zapata’s and Carranza’s forces fought here, burning the priest’s house and destroying the library and archive.




Parroquia de La Asunción de María, Avenida México Norte, Villa Milpa Alta, Los Ángeles, Milpa Alta, CDMX, Mexico

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