San Andrés Apóstol Parish Church

For the Day of the Dead, this church fills with light, color, and faith.

Andrew the Apostle, this Magical Neighborhood’s patron saint, holds a fish in his hand, reflecting daily life in Mixquic. The church’s front displays a semicircular arch, a circular choral window, and an old wood door that still holds its original iron studs and nails.

The interior is laid out like a basilica, with pillars made of heavy basalt blocks of varying sizes supporting transverse arches and groin-vaulted ceilings. Above, there is an octagonal dome holding eight windows topped with ogee arches. It is adorned by large acanthus leaves and small angel heads. It is worth taking a look at the Christ statue on the right side of the church. Made of cornstalk paste, it is known as the Señor de las Maravillas, or Our Lord of Wonders. The figure’s ankles, knees, and shoulders are jointed, making them moveable. Its hair is natural, and the brass crown is original. The current altarpiece boasts golden plasterwork with estipite columns. The former one was done in baroque style with 23-carat gold. A few of its stucco saints are still visible.

Make sure look for the little angels adorning the dome.




Parroquia de San Andrés Apóstol, San Bartolo, San Andrés Mixquic, CDMX, Mexico

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