El Lencero Historic House Museum

Ex Hacienda El Lencero

Currently the main mansion houses a museum with original furniture from the 19th century.

This old hacienda once belonged to Juan Lencero, one of Hernán Cortés’s soldiers. He used it to host travelers heading towards Mexico City. The first thing that will catch your attention is its colonial chapel; then the refurbished room known as Casa de las Monjas (House of the Nuns). The property has an incredible fig tree that is around 500 years old, looking at it will hypnotize you for at least a few minutes.

The hacienda has had countless owners over the course of its history, but the best known one was the president of Mexico eleven times over, Antonio López de Santa Anna. The Nobel Prize for Literature winner, Gabriela Mistral, also spent long periods of time here, always accompanied by the writers Rosario Castellanos and Emma Godoy.






Hacienda El Lencero, Carretera Xalapa Veracruz, El Lencero, Ver., México

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