isla pasion

Isla Pasion

A place to fall in love again…

Isla Pasión
isla pasion

Isla Pasion is a small island located off Punta Ciricote, at the southwestern tip of Holbox Island.

With its white sand and turquoise water, this spot has inspired legends of love. It is said that the ancient Mayas gave it this name because it was the place where they used to spend their wedding nights. A must during your trip to Holbox!

Things to do in Isla Pasion?

Visit Isla Pasion to enjoy the scenery, sand, and sea. Its waves are so gentle, that swimming here feels like soaking in a jacuzzi. Furthermore, the islet is ringed by a large band of shallow water that is less than 20 inches deep.

The place is practically untouched, with the only evidence of humans being a wooden dock to enjoy the view, bird-watching, and excellent photo opportunities.

Unique, natural qualities that have made Holbox such a famous destination are precisely what travelers can enjoy in this small corner called Isla Pasion.

The islet is a 10-minute boat ride from Holbox and is ideal for those seeking a romantic getaway on an unspoiled beach or couples looking to say their vows in paradise. Just .6 miles long, it’s the perfect option for throwing social events.

What you should know

The only way to visit Isla Pasion is by boat. You can take a tour running specifically to this island, but it is highly recommended to go as part of the Three Islands tour, which also includes stops at Isla Pajaros and the Yalahau cenote.

Some operators offering this tour are Moguel and VIP Holbox. We suggest taking the tour only with certified operators who comply with SEMARNAT (Environment and Natural Resources Department) guidelines.

It is a good idea to wear a hat or visor, sunscreen, and insect repellent, and to bring water to stay hydrated.

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Isla de la Pasión, México

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