isla pajaros

Isla Pajaros Protected Natural Area

A small, biodiverse islet.

Isla-Pájaros-Holbox-Quintana Roo
isla pajaros

Isla Pajaros is a small island located two-thirds of a mile from Holbox and about 3.7 miles from the town center. Aptly named Bird Island, it has become home to flamingos, pelicans, herons, and other birds.

If you enjoy adventure and bird watching, this place is a must-stop during your visit to Holbox.

What can you see on Isla Pajaros?

Isla Pajaros is a nature refuge for more than 155 bird species, some of which inhabit the islet permanently, while others visit seasonally.

Frigates, white ibises, reddish egrets, storks, pink spoonbills, and double-crested cormorants are just a few of the bird species you can spot on Isla Pájaros.

Moreover, between April and October, thousands of flamingos often flock to the place to feed during the warm months. A true spectacle!

As it is a protected area, walking on the island is not allowed. However, there is a wooden walkway leading to two fantastic lookout points where you can admire the enormous variety of birds.

What you should know

The only way to visit Isla Pajaros is by boat. You can take a tour exclusively for this island, but it is highly recommended to go as part of the Three Islands tour, which also includes stops at Isla Pasion and the Yalahau cenote.

Some operators offering this tour are Moguel and VIP Holbox. We suggest taking the tour only with certified operators who comply with SEMARNAT (Environment and Natural Resources Department) guidelines.

It’s advisable to wear a hat or visor, sunscreen, and insect repellent. Don’t forget to bring water to stay hydrated.






Isla de los Pajaros, Isla Morena, Holbox, Q.R., México

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