Archeological Museum and Cultural Center

The Archeological Museum features four exhibition rooms, an auditorium, library, a spacious courtyard for art-related activities, and designated Cultural Center (Casa de Cultura) areas. The items in the collection on display were found at a site called El pantano (the swamp), which was probably a lake when the indigenous people set up there around the year 800 B.C. Part of the importance of the items resides in the fact that they’re associated with a culture that’s pretty much unheard of in Western Mexico.

The Raúl Rodríguez Peña Museum, which details Mascota’s history and major figures, El Pedregal Museum, with its collection of everyday items turned into stone handicrafts, and Museum of Raicilla where you can learn about the liquor called raicilla, are all also worth checking out.




Museo Regional de Arqueologia, Allende, Centro, Mascota, Jalisco, Mexico

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