Museo Bicentenario

Bicentenario History Museum

Museo del Bicentenario
Museo Bicentenario

Nowadays a museum, this is the place where Benito Juárez stayed in 1863, and the Emperor Maximilian I also stayed here one year later. In 1906 the town mayorship was installed here. 

The independence hero Mariano Abasolo was born in this house, located to the west of the parish. Now, the building houses more than 800 objects that formed part of the celebrations for the 100-year anniversary of Mexican Independence. Stamps, medals, brass boxes, photographs, plates and a phonograph playing Porfirio Díaz’s voice recreate the elation felt one century ago. There is also an interactive hall that evokes the events of 1810, and at the foot of the stairs a replica of the bronze bell that Hidalgo rang. 



Museo del Bicentenario, Principal, Centro, Dolores Hidalgo, Gto., México

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