Coahuila Presidents Museum

Museo de los Presidentes Coahuilenses

A museum dedicated to the five men who were born in Coahuila who led the nation.  

The Museo de los Presidentes Coahuilenses is dedicated to the five men, originally from this state, who have held the title of the highest authority in the country.  

  • Melchior Múzquiz de Arrieta was the first to take on the title of interim president between August and December 1832.
  • Francisco I. Madero, initiator of the Mexican Revolution and known as the Apostle of Democracy, governed between 1911 and 1913. 
  • Eulalio Gutiérrez took on the provisional position of president between November 1914 and January 1915. He was followed by the interim president, Roque González Garza, in 1915. 
  • Venustiano Carranza, the first Commander of the Constitutional Army, maintained the presidency between 1917 until 1920. 
  • Roque González Garza was the provisional president of Mexico from January until June, 1915. 

One of the most important pieces in the museum is the first presidential sash in Mexico’s history, which was worn by Guadalupe Victoria. 




General Nicolás Bravo 264, Zona Centro, Saltillo, Coah., México

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