Museum of Paleontology

Its replica of the Muzquizopterix coahuilensis is what gives the museum and the city a great deal of its identity.

The museum pieces correspond to the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic Era.

Various fossils are emblematic pieces that represent this museum. The first is that of the Mosasaurus, the most ferocious marine reptile of its time, which dominated the seas in most of the world and ate fish, ammonites and other marine reptiles.

Another important vestige is the horn of an unidentified ceratopsian (a dinosaur with horns). But it is perhaps the Muzquizopterix coahuilensis that gives the museum and the city the greatest sense of identity, since for many years it has been an icon of the municipality’s fossil discoveries. 

The piece exhibited in the museum is a replica, since the original is located in the UNAM’s Institute of Geology, in Mexico City.  




Museo Paleontológico de Múzquiz, Adolfo E. Romo, La Cascada, Melchor Muzquiz, Coah., México

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