Museo del Barro

Clay Museum

Museo del Barro
Museo del Barro

Opening in 2012, the state-of-the-art Clay Museum has a collection of Metepec handicrafts that have received national and international recognition. There’s a collection of miniatures, where you can see works less than half an inch high created in clay with the utmost detail. There are trees of life, catrinas, and objects representing the town’s holidays and traditional moments. Plaza Juárez, where they sell natural, painted and glassed clay in objects like flowerpots, vases, and cooking pots. You’ll notice that the most acclaimed works are the catrinas, suns and moons, mermaids, and the traditional árboles de la vida, or trees of life, featuring handiwork admired worldwide.



Museo del Barro, Avenida Estado de México, Santiaguito, Metepec, Estado de México, México

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