Main Square and Old Mansions

Nestled in a gorgeous ravine surrounded by stunning natural beauty, Batopilas still carries traces of its past as a mining town. 

Start your tour of the town in the museum in the Presidencia Municipal government building to get an overview of the town’s history. Then, wander through its squares until you reach Templo de la Virgen del Carmen, built by the Jesuits in the 17th century. The church has a bell tower and several easel paintings inside.

Meanwhile, admire the 18th- and 19th-century mansions, such as the Manuel Gómez Morín home, Casa de Raya, and Casa Cural. Top off your tour with Casa Barffuson, one of Batopilas’ oldest mansions. It was once home to the Marquis of Bustamante, commissioned by Spanish royalty. And there is also Hacienda San Miguel, a grand building from the end of the 19th century. U.S. American Alexander Robert Shepard, a visionary who instituted many reforms in the Magical Town, lived here. 




Juárez 20, Zona Centro, 33400 Batopilas, Chih., México

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