El Cielo Biosphere Reserve

Touring the reserve is an experience for all the senses. Authorized guides can take you around.

This was the first officially decreed biosphere reserve in Mexico. Covering 558 square miles, it is the largest in the northeast of the country. The landscape was formed 65 million years ago, so it is not unusual to find fossils of marine life here. Filled with crystal-clear springs, it is home to many of the 650 butterfly species that inhabit northeastern Mexico. The UNESCO has declared it a World Heritage Site.

A tour will reveal marine life fossils; varied vegetation running from cactus to orchids, magnolias, oaks, and sweet gum trees; over 300 bird species, 60 reptile species, and more. In some spots you can kayak, rappel, hike, mountain bike, and take photo safaris and boat rides.

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Reserva de La Biosfera El Cielo, Tamps., México

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