Snorkeling and Diving in Xcalak

Xcalak unveils the beauty of its scenic landscapes both in and out of the ocean. Explore this unique destination!


Xcalak, a fishing village considered the last virgin corner in southern Quintana Roo 

Renowned for its diverse marine life, Xcalak stands as a paradise for diving enthusiasts. Adjacent to its coastline lies Banco Chinchorro, the world’s second-largest reef system (the first being in Australia). Situated 42 miles from Mahahual, this small fishing port offers activities not to be missed. You can visit the Xcalak Reef National Park and engage in various water-based activities.

Water Activities in Xcalak


The shallow depths allow you to explore and admire the reef with its array of multicolored fish. 


Explore the Xcalak Marine Park, paddling through the tranquil waters of lagoons and mangroves. Encounter native wildlife species like crocodiles, cormorants, herons, and the fishing marlin, among many others. 

• Diving 

This is Xcalak’s primary activity due to its proximity to Banco Chinchorro. Its crystal-clear waters make it an ideal spot for exploring the ocean’s depths and witnessing the kaleidoscope of colorful fish. 

• Fishing 

Visit Cayo Judío and try fly fishing, a globally recognized activity that has made Xcalak famous. There’s a tournament known as “The Grand Tournament” (El Gran Torneo), requiring catching the five fly species. Additionally, you can catch a tarpon sustainably (catch and release). 

• Visit Beaches and Cays 

Xcalak boasts the Zaragoza Channel, linking to Chetumal Bay, offering unique and stunning landscapes. Explore the islands’ beaches and cays, serving as sanctuaries for birds, marine species, and mammals like manatees. 

  • Isla Tamalcab 
  • Cayo Venado
  • Cayo Bota
  • Cayo Judío
  • Mirador Dos Hermanos

Did You Know?

You can visit an ancient Porfiriato-era locomotive…at the bottom of the sea! It sank over 100 years ago near the Zaragoza Channel. Discover its history!

Where to Stay

  • Caribbean Casa Blanca Xcalak
  • Xcalak Caribe Lodge
  • Paradise Tours Xcalak
  • Casa Cangrejo

How to Get There

Located 123 miles from Chetumal, take the Chetumal-Cancún 307 highway toward Mahahual. At km 50, turn off towards Xcalak, and drive an additional 38 miles. 

From Cancún Airport, it’s a 4.5-hour journey, while from Belize Airport, it’s a 4.3-mile distance (via coastal road). 

Another option is to catch a small boat and cross Chetumal Bay through the Zaragoza Channel via Calderitas, a 1.5-hour journey surrounded by paradisiacal landscapes, birds, and crystal-clear waters.

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Xcalak, Q.R., México

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