Xavage is an adventure park located in the outskirts of Cancún, offering some of the most thrilling rides in the Mexican Caribbean.

Xavage, an adventure park by the Xcaret Group, is situated on the edge of Cancún. This destination features some of the most electrifying rides in the Mexican Caribbean. 

From driving a monster truck to shooting the only rapids in the peninsula, Xavage’s experiences are designed to bring you the biggest thrills.

Things to do at Xavage 

There are six main attractions you can enjoy at Xavage. The number of activities you can participate in depends on the ticket you purchase.

  1. Kayaking: Use your strength and coordination to explore the canals in a kayak, enjoying incredible views along this adventure. There are two different routes you can take, depending on how far you wish to go. Within the lush canals, you’ll encounter fun surprises.
  2. Ropes Course: Traverse this circuit of ropes, nets, logs, and hanging bridges. It features varying degrees of difficulty and four height levels to cater to adventurers of all kinds. The course ranges from 26 to 118 feet high. In the higher levels, obstacles become more fun and unique, from kayaks to hanging bicycles.
  3. Zip Line Flight: Glide, lying face down, along a 0.25-mile circuit at a height of 65 feet. Experience something close to flying as you propel yourself forward. Simply spread your arms and feel the rush.
  4. Speed Boat: Speed through the park’s canals aboard a speed boat, reaching speeds of up to 47 mph. Skim over the water, executing thrilling 360° spins in clearings. Hold on tight and let out your most exhilarating scream.
  5. Rafting: The adventure begins in calm waters and progresses to class III rapids. Board a raft that accommodates up to six people and, guided by a certified instructor, navigate through the up to 6.6-foot waterfalls and various currents. The guide will add their personal touch and a little more creativity, ensuring unique experiences.
  6. Monster Truck: Take the wheel and experience the power of a monster truck. Its massive dimensions and impressive abilities will haul you through an astonishing obstacle course, showcasing your unstoppable drive.

Other amenities 

In addition to the main attractions, Xavage features a kids’ area with a circuit filled with age-appropriate challenges such as slides, bridges, various water fountains, and a splash zone. 

Packages include meals and beverages. There are two dining areas: the snack area offering pizza, juice, smoothies, and fruit, and the international buffet, serving a wide variety of dishes.

How to get there

Xavage is located at km 338 on the Chetumal-Puerto Juárez highway, in the municipality of Benito Juárez, Quintana Roo. You can reach it by car, taxi, or opt for a tour that includes transportation. Additionally, there’s public transport available from Cancún, Puerto Morelos, and Playa del Carmen, dropping you off close to the entrance.


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Xavage by Xcaret, Puerto Morelos, Q.R., México

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