Prepare to step into a place where nothing is as it seems, and every step is an adventure for the senses.


Xenses is as a theme park within Grupo Xcaret, dedicated to offering experiences that challenge visitors’ senses and perceptions through optical illusions and sensory attractions. 

Featuring two circuits of activities and over 50 fantastic settings, Xenses promises fun, surprising sensory experiences, making it one of the most fascinating sites to explore in Riviera Maya.

What to Do at Xenses

The park is divided into three main zones: the Ruta del Hacer (Circuit of Doing), the Ruta del Sentir (Circuit of Feeling), and the Rehilete (The Pinwheel), which connects both circuits. 

At the Rehilete, which functions as Xenses’ heart, several rooms offer opportunities for delightfully fun photos, including a maze of mirrors and a gigantic kaleidoscope.

The Ruta del Hacer features attractions involving physical activities. For this section, wearing a swimsuit is advisable because of the aquatic activities. Some of the attractions include:

  • The Village: This section feels like strolling through a little town while uncertain whether you’re going uphill or downhill.
  • Bird Flight: A zip line experience done lying face down, making you feel like a soaring bird or Superman.
  • Xpa: Slide through a warm mud canal, walk through steamy caves, and cool off under a cool water shower.

The Ruta del Sentir can be done in regular clothing as the activities are entirely dry. Some of the experiences awaiting you include:

  • Xensatorium: A completely dark cave where reliance on hearing and touch becomes imperative. Suddenly, you’ll hear several animal sounds like wolves or owls. As you progress, feel the heat of the desert or the beach breeze.
  • Dwarfs and Giants: A pathway designed to make people on one side appear as dwarfs and those on the other side appear as giants.
  • Citric Garden: An exotic space where you can drink lemonade directly from the bark of a tree.

Tips for Visiting Xenses

  • If planning to explore the entire park, bring swimwear, towels, and ideally water shoes.
  • Budget for a photo package or the unique souvenirs available at the gift shop.
  • If you prefer not to buy food there, bring your own snacks and water.
  • Xenses can be experienced in half a day, making it perfect for combining with other activities.

How to Get There

Located 5.6 miles from Playa del Carmen, Xenses is accessible by car; take the Cancún-Chetumal highway (Federal 307) southbound until you reach the entrance to Xenses. 

Alternatively, you can take transportation provided by Xcaret, a taxi, or a bus.


Xenses, Playa del Carmen, Q.R., México

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