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Playa del Carmen

The heart of the Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen provides an incredible combination of stunning fine-sand beaches, hotels that cater to all tastes, and the best restaurants and bars with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Come and discover it for yourself!

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In the heart of the Riviera Maya (37 miles from Cancun) in Quintana Roo state, sits this lovely destination that is now one of Mexico’s most famous beaches. What just a few years ago was a small fishing village and the main port of departure for Cozumel island, today is a cosmopolitan paradise that draws thousands of visitors from the world over.

In Playa del Carmen–once known as Xaman-Ha–two worlds live side by side. On one hand, there is the small town ambiance of a town built around fishing, and on the other, the cultural and social mix that over time has given rise to a trendy center of eclectic architecture and gastronomy.

A stroll down Quinta Avenida turns up a fabulous array of restaurants, cafés, bars, and shops selling everything from folk-art handicrafts to luxury goods. There is also the hum of conversations in many different languages along this cobblestone pedestrian street–from Mayan dialects to a jumble of foreign languages–as people from all over have made this paradise their home.

The fun never ends here. Besides a sensational nightlife and year-round party atmosphere, it is surrounded by the country’s most beautiful beaches. Enjoy the best of the Caribbean Sea surrounded by landscapes of turquoise waters and white sand. Dare to uncover magnificent natural wonders by jeep, bicycle, or on horseback, or through water sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling that show off its stunning coral reef, the world’s second largest.

In Playa del Carmen, you can choose from every kind of lodgings, from small cottages to luxury hotels, as well as all the services a traveler could want. Its strategic location, already prized by the Maya, makes it the ideal jumping off point for visiting archeological sites, thrilling ecotourism parks, and many more of the Riviera Maya’s treasures.

Reefscape at Chinchorro bank, a very healty and colorful colony of hard corals, Caribbean sea Mexico

Quinta Avenida-Playa del Carmen-Quintana Roo