Recorre a pie o en bici las barrancas y caminos en Batopilas

Walk or Bike Through the Canyons and Trails

For fans of extreme adventures, here are just a few of the routes surrounding this Magical Town.

Recorre a pie o en bici las barrancas y caminos en Batopilas

Explore Batopilas’ canyons and trails on foot or bike. 

  • Silver Route. Ride a horse for 239miles, from Batopilas to the city of Chihuahua. Visit the towns of Carichí, Cusihuiriachi, Cuauhtémoc, Gran Morelos, and Santa Isabel.


  • Ruta Mágica de Ciclismo Batopilas 105.With climbs through the gorgeous scenery of Barranca de Urique, this 105km (65-mile) race invites cyclists from Mexico and around the world to take on the canyon’s natural obstacles. 


  • TravelCamino Real road with a mule driver. To preserve and honor the tradition of pack mules, this tour runs through Hacienda San Miguel, the aqueduct, the mines, and the town of Satevó. 


  • RutaLa Rompe Piernas. Called the Leg Breaker, this bike ride is for those who like a challenge. Pedal little-used roads and challenging curves for 85 miles from Creel to Batopilas. It is open to men and women 16 years of age and up. 


  • Retosachi. Explore thisremote corner of Rarámuri  Reflect, admire the natural scenery and, of course, get in a good workout. If you orient your compass towards this point, you will have the chance to discover and spend time in the area’s highlights. The municipality is home to Nido del Águila, a building clinging to the top of the cliffs that is the home of pianist Romayne Wheeler, the godfather of Romeyno Gutiérrez, the first indigenous pianist in the Americas. To visit, keep in mind that you’ll need to be in great shape. 

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