Shop for Handicrafts Made by Sonora’s Indigenous Groups

Acquire beautiful handicrafts from Sonora’s seven ethnic groups.

Buy handicrafts from the Pápago people who carve wood, and elephant tree baskets from the Seri. The Mayos and Yaquis make masks and ritual instruments, while the Cucapá are known for their beadwork. The Pima and Guarijío people contribute with their embroidery.

Since 1997, the Cooperativa de Artesanos Indígenas de Sonora (Sonoran Indigenous Artisans Cooperative) has fostered projects for the preservation and promotion of indigenous culture.




Cooperativa de Artesanos Indígenas de Sonora (C.A.I.S.), Calle Comonfort, El Centenario, Hermosillo, Son., México

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