Sport Bowl Mérida-Yucatán-Deporte-pista

Sport Bowl Mérida & Restaurant

Strut your stuff at the lanes.

Sport Bowl Mérida-Yucatán-Deporte-juego-pista
Sport Bowl Mérida-Yucatán-Deporte-juego-pista-Adultos
Sport Bowl Mérida-Yucatán-Deporte-juego-pista-infantil
Sport Bowl Mérida-Yucatán-Deporte-juego-pista-pasillo
Sport Bowl Mérida-Yucatán-Deporte-pista

Besides being a very inclusive sport, bowling is perfect for unwinding after a busy day.

In Sport Bowl Mérida, you can polish your skills knocking down the pins lined up at the end of the lanes. The challenge: do it in the fewest number of rolls.

Practice and you may win some of the championships that are organized. There is also a restaurant, so try out the snacks, salads, hamburgers, and pastas.



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Sport Bowl Mérida, Santa Rita Cholul, Mérida, Yuc., México

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