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Let a ceremonial center carved in rock amaze you. Explore a traditional market. Spot regional flowers in ancient murals.

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What Makes It Magical

With its lush vegetation, flower-scented air, old Augustinian monastery, and hilltop Mexica shrine, Malinalco has become central Mexico’s perfect getaway. Of course, in this tiny town with a strong indigenous character, there are plenty of signature restaurants, spas, small luxury hotels, a golf course, and several museums.

Why You Should Go


  • This Mexica ceremonial center carved into the rock of Ídolos Hill is the only one of its kind in Mesoamerica.
  • Apparently, it was used to train Eagle and Jaguar warriors. Initiation ceremonies were performed at Casa de las Águilas, the main structure.
  • Climb more than 400 steps to reach the shrine in a pleasant walk with spectacular views. This is where the adventure begins.

At the Very Least

Check out the interior of the Cuauhcalli and Casa de las Águilas.

Don’t Miss

  1. See the neighborhood chapels via chicharra (three-wheeled taxi).
  2. Purchase fruit and eat tacos at the Juárez Street Market.
  3. Dine at Los Placeres.