Competition of the Jaraneros

Encuentro de Jaraneros

For the past 42 years, the Casa de la Cultura de Tlacotalpan has convened the Competition of the Jaraneros or Mexican Guitar Players, which is a 3-day reunion of the best musicians and decimistas (popular singers) in a friendly contest consisting of improvised folk songs.

Come and join in with the concerts and jarocho fandangos that take place in the Plaza de Doña Martha and in Plaza Zaragoza, from the 31st January to the 2nd of February. As well as playing son music and choosing the festival’s King and Queen, the Casa de la Cultura also holds workshops for the composition and performance of this music and conferences about Jarocha culture. Immerse yourself in the music and dance on the parquet floor, in an atmosphere of revelry and celebration.




Plaza Doña Martha, Centro, Tlacotalpan, Ver., México

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