The Night When No One Sleeps – Huamantlada

La Noche que Nadie Duerme - Huamantlada

The Virgin Mary, dressed in new robes, is the queen of the midnight procession. Everyone gathers with singing, praying, and candles, creating a very moving experience.

Every August, the celebration of the patron saint, Our Lady of Charity is held. Festivities kick off with Carreras de Carcachas, a race featuring beat-up cars on an off-road circuit. Several days later the Desfile de las Flores is held, in which colorful dance troupes parade. And of course, the transitory rugs are made during the Noche que Nadie Duerme on August 14th. This night is given the colorful name Night When No One Sleeps because whole families of artisans spend the night creating rugs out of brightly-dyed sawdust and flower petals, covering almost four miles of streets to honor their patron saint.

The Gran Desfile de Burladeros is held a few days later, when traditional mojiganga, huehue, and matachin dancers parade to music with gigantic balloons. Meanwhile, rudimentary shelters are installed along the circuit where the Huamantlada bulls will run, and houses on the route are decorated with bullfighting motifs, all in an atmosphere of festive nighttime celebration.

For over 60 years, La Huamantlada has been the popular celebration featuring the region’s love of bullfighting. Everything revolves around this day. The bulls run through the streets and everyone dashes madly in front of them. The bravest come out as champions.





Huamantla, Tlax., México

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