Fishing the Blind Sardine

Taking place during lent, this is one of the most important rituals carried out in honor of the gods of the rain, water, earth and moon, and seeks the fertility of the earth and an abundance of fish. In the sulfurous water pools of the Cueva de las Sardinas, they scrape barbasco (a plant that contains natural toxins), used for fishing. To the rhythm of the drums, the fishermen walk to the entrance of the cave where the traditional dance takes place: the dancers carry a wicker basket adorned with flowers, a candle and the barbasco. After the prayer, they head into the cave, where they light the candles and throw the barbasco into the water. The “blind sardines” are drugged and go towards the water’s edge, where they are scooped up by the dancers in their baskets.



Cueva de las sardinas ciegas, Tabasco, Zac., México

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