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Explore thousand-year-old caves, dive into pools of water, venture along trails and hurtle along zip lines.

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What Makes It Magical

Amongst the thick vegetation that the Tabasco mountains are known for, you will find Tapijulapa; a town of Zoque origin, with cobbled streets that twist and turn until disappearing into the mountain range. As well as a tranquil appearance, there are also houses painted white and red, tile rooftops, and balconies covered in flowers. Protected by the generosity of nature, its surroundings allow you to breathe deeply, explore the plant life of its nature parks and see them from a bird’s eye perspective while gliding over the canopy, or get to know them from deep inside its caves.

The Motive

Its Harmony with Nature

  • It is flanked by the Oxolotán and Amatán rivers.
  • It is one of the ways into the Sierra Madre del Sur.
  • Its handicrafts, architecture and gastronomy have conserved their authenticity.

At the Very Least

The Villa Luz and Kolem Jaá Ecological Reserves.

Don’t Miss

  1. Visit the Santo Domingo Church, on one side of the town’s main square.
  2. Swim in the natural pools within the parks.
  3. Try mone and pishul.