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Real del Monte

Sit in one of the lovely squares of this Magical Town while nibbling on a delicious, meat-filled pasty. Then, explore the town’s many corners that still retain their British touch.

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What Makes It Magical

Many stories come together in this town with a mining legacy: its mansions and buildings with an English air are surrounded by the aroma of pasties and pulque bread wafting from its ovens. Meanwhile, the cold and fog come down in the afternoons, covering the old mines’ chimneys and tall pines in the cemetery holding the remains of the British miners who worked here and contributed to the identity of this town in the mountains of Hidalgo.

Why You Should Go

Real del Monte’s Mining Past

  • The town’s first veins of minerals were discovered in 1552.
  • Today, the mines are history museums.
  • Spanish, British, Mexican, and U.S. American miners worked the mines during various periods.
  • Gold and silver brought great riches to the area.

At the Very Least

Mina de Acosta, its warehouse, shaft, machine room, and superintendent’s house.

Don’t Miss

  1. Wander through the museum at Mina La Dificultad.
  2. Dig into pasties.
  3. Check out the graves in the Panteón Inglés cemetery for British immigrants.