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Real de Catorce

Gallop across breathtaking landscapes, and go up and down mountains. Explore your surroundings aboard an old Willys 4x4, or join a photo safari.

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What Makes It Magical

In the midst of the semi-desert appears Real de Catorce, a town carved out of rock and ringedbymassive hills. From up high, you can see the desert, still and echoing with the memories of its glory years when silver was plentiful. Breaking the silence, a group of cowboys amble through the streets looking for someone to listen to their stories while heading for Cerro del Quemado. At times, pilgrimages of Huichol people appear along the breathtaking pathways and mind-blowing scenery.

Why You Should Go

Its Mysterious, Ghostly Air

  • Time seems to have stopped in this mining town.
  • Its proximity to Wirikuta, the sacred Huichol site, adds to its enigmatic atmosphere.
  • You drive into town through the one-and-a-half-mile-long Túnel de Ogarrio, the only one of its kind in the country.
  • It is a real-life movie set.

At the Very Least

Walk through the Túnel de Ogarrio and catch many of the details that you probably missed when driving, such as a chapel!

Don’t Miss

  1. Pick up a beaded mask or dream catcher crafted by Huichol artisans.
  2. Climb on top of a Willys 4×4 and explore the surroundings.
  3. Ask about the legend of Jergas, a ghost who helped miners.