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Santa María Del Río

Wander through handicraft workshops, savor candy and pastries, and take in the semi-desert scenery.

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What Makes It Magical

High mountains mark Santa María del Río’s geography. From far away, you see a farming and ranching community, but its strong ties with ancient Mesoamerican cultures are what have truly defined its handicraft activities—it has made this town the world capital of the rebozo shawl. One day is all it takes to understand the great affection felt by inhabitants when embraced by this garment. They have made weaving it a true art form.

Why You Should Go

It Is the Birthplace of the Mexican Rebozo

  • The trade of rebozo making originated with indigenous peoples and thrived in colonial times and after Mexico’s Independence. It was during the Revolution when the rebozo became part of the soldaderas’ (women soldiers) identity.
  • In 2016, the rebozo and the art of making them was recognized as San Luis Potosí’s cultural heritage.
  • Rebozos are still woven on waist looms in Santa María. The time it takes to make one depends on the design, the kind of thread used, and the complexity of its stitches.
  • A rebozo made with natural dyes requires more hard work than one colored with aniline dyes.

At the Very Least

Visit the handicraft workshops and learn how to make a rebozo.

Don’t Miss

  1. Admire Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción’s church altarpiece.
  2. Spend time with artisans.
  3. Enjoy mouth-watering pastries.
  4. Tour the region’s haciendas.