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5 Unmissable Mezcal Bars in Oaxaca City

If you visit Oaxaca and are in the mood to try mezcal, swing by one of these highly recommended bars!

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“Before, we drunk tequila, now we drink mezcal,” stated Mick Jagger in his last visit to Mexico City. The truth is that more and more people have become fans of this agave spirit. Not only because of its flavor, but also because of its artisanal process which stems from a long, rural tradition. Here are 5 excellent options to enjoy the drink.

1. Terraza Casa Crespo

This is one of the spots with the best vibe in Oaxaca. Visit on Thursday or Friday with friends. The terrace offers a great view of the downtown, especially of the Ex Convent of Santo Domingo.  The music on offer–rock, jazz, electro and pop–invites you to enjoy a few drinks and worry about nothing more than having a good time.
Order the “right side” mezcals, one of the cocktails or ask for the drink of the day.

107 Allende

Oaxaca City

2. Sabina Sabe

Great for a romantic evening. Low lights, intimate atmosphere, flirty cocktails… without a doubt, this is a great place to spend time with the object of your affections. There is a restaurant area, and a small bar at the back. Our favorite cocktails? A sweet one with mezcal, ancho reyes chili liqueur and hibiscus tea for the ladies, and for the gentlemen, a crisp mezcal gin and tonic.


209 Cinco de Mayo

Oaxaca City


FB Sabina Sabe

3. Los Danzantes

If the idea of a glass of mezcal in one hand and a bite-to-eat in the other sounds good to you, head for the bar of this Oaxacan restaurant, one of the most well-known locales in the city. Their artisanal mezcals go great with traditional dishes. Ask the waiters to match your food to your drink.

403 Int. 4, Macedonio Alcalá,

Oaxaca City

4. Mezcaloteca

Do you want to learn a little more about mezcal? This tavern, famous for its immense collection of mezcals and for its vintage surroundings decorated with recycled objects, offers tasting sessions. Reserve ahead.


506 Reforma

Oaxaca City

5. In Situ

A perfect place for connoisseurs. If you are already familiar with mezcal but you want to hone your knowledge all the same, sit at the bar and chat with the owner, Ulises Torrentera. A distinguished character with great knowledge about the subject, Ulises has written a number of books, has his own line of mezcal, and always personally tends to his guests. Ask for his recommendation.


511 Morelos Street

Oaxaca City