Discover the Astonishing Underwater World: Scuba Diving Spots in Quintana Roo

Reefs, underground rivers, cenotes, and caverns–get ready to explore the natural treasures hidden beneath the water!

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The Mexican Caribbean is among the world’s finest diving locations. Here, we present a selection of the most outstanding diving spots in Quintana Roo. Under its alluring turquoise waters, this destination holds natural settings ideal for this thrilling hobby, including cenote pools, caverns, caves, and underground rivers. Prepare for a grand adventure!

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5 Diving Spots in Quintana Roo

  1. Xcalak
  2. Cozumel
  3. Isla Mujeres
  4. Cancún
  5. Chinchorro

Xcalak, a small town south of Quintana Roo, 37 miles from Mahahual, lies in close proximity to the Great Mayan Reef, the world’s second-largest reef, where diving is an opportunity to explore the mysteries and natural beauty it holds. Here, you can also visit Xcalak Reef National Park and try out various water activities, including diving.

diving spots in Quintana Roo
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This Caribbean island is famed for its beautiful reefs. You can explore Cozumel‘s seven reefs, which break up the harmonious depths of the vast ocean. Visit El Cielo Beach to admire the incredible hue provided by starfish at site. Located just 875 yards off the coast, it is a haven for starfish due to its shallow depth—ideal for observing these invertebrates up close in what is considered their sanctuary.

Isla Mujeres
In Isla Mujeres, one of Quintana Roo’s most beloved destinations, scuba dive to experience several of its attractions. Here lies the Underwater Museum of Art (also known as MUSA, its Spanish-language acronym), where diving allows a close-up view. Also, Garrafón Park is perfect for snorkeling, kayaking, or for the more adventurous, a thrilling three-zipline circuit. Parque Nacional Costa Occidental is an area with turquoise water where you can admire coral reefs and an underwater museum with colorful fish, mangroves, sea grass, and corals. In other words, this is one of the best diving spots in Quintana Roo.

diving spots in Quintana Roo
Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA). Photo: Fabiola García


Cancún offers turquoise waters, pre-Hispanic ruins, vibrant nightlife, and thrilling ecotourism parks among its attractions. Aktun-Chen Park is one of the most astonishing nature parks near Cancún in the Riviera Maya. This extensive place features a cenote pool, underground river, and other attractions like a zip line, just the thing for adventurers. In this destination, various tour operators can also take you to the reefs to explore the state’s underwater wonders.

Another can’t-miss scuba diving attraction is Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve. It’s referred to as a “diver’s paradise” due to the water’s clarity, allowing for an excellent view of the corals and large sponges in a perfect state of preservation. Located off the stunning Mahahual coast, approximately 19 miles away, it’s the world’s second-largest atoll, covering an area of 356,249 acres.