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Step Inside the World of Herbalism

At the Centro Botánico El Ángel de tu Salud they grow medicinal plants to be used in remedies and studied by practitioners of herbalism. Instead of collecting wild plants with properties beneficial to human beings, the aim of this botanical center is to help spread and preserve them. Here, the plants are domesticated and grown organically. There are several sunny gardens where herbs, bushes, vines, cactuses, and succulents grow. There are also ornamental, shade, and aquatic plants. Wander around the grounds beneath the flamboyants and jasmine. Echinacea (which boosts the immune system) and Azteca gold root, which acts as a local anesthetic, are also grown here.



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Herbolaria El Ángel de tu Salud, Allende, Colonia Centro, Xicotepec de Juárez, Puebla, México

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