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Get lost in the botanical garden. Sign up for the Ruta del Café Aristóteles. Check out the monumental Virgin of Guadalupe. Get a cleansing at Xochipila.

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What Makes It Magical

Located smack in the middle of the Sierra Poblana, leaving its self-contained and removed from the rest of the world, Xicotepec is a place of avocado trees. Both its climate and its people, who are accustomed to the scent of coffee that envelops the town, are warm. Coffee plantations and green mountains surround the town as far as the eye can see. Here, the people’s faith lies not only in the saints of Catholicism brought by the Spanish, but also in pre-Hispanic gods and witches.

Why You Should Go

The Mystical Customs

  • Located in the middle of town, La Xochipila is a rock formation that has served as a ceremonial center for as long as anyone knows.
  • It’s a focal point for the energy of a town with both Catholic and pagan customs.
  • Each year on June 24th, the people gather at the rock to celebrate both St. John the Baptist as well as Xochipilli, the god of flowers and witches.
  • The Palacio Municipal holds the teponaxtle, a prized ebony instrument that forms part of the festivities.

At the Very Least

Head to La Xochipila on any day and ask for a cleansing by the medicine men.

Don’t Miss

  1. Strolling around the gardens of Casa del Monje and asking about the tales related to the property.
  2. Trying the vodka and acachul (wine made from a local fruit) concoctionthat they serve at Bar El Gallo.
  3. Heading out to find the tiny Iglesia de Santa María de Guadalupe, in Ahuaxintitla.

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